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Critical national infrastructure project

The IPM Be’er Tuvia Power Station is a critical national infrastructure project, and a major player in the revolution of the domestic electricity sector: making cleaner electricity available at better prices and creating real competition.

לוגו IPM

A breakthrough in power station design

לוגו IPM

Creating competition in the energy sector

לוגו IPM

Boosting the Israeli economy

לוגו IPM

Reducing the cost of energy

לוגו IPM

Advancing the environment to a coal-free, gas-free era


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A.Y.A. Paris Holdings Ltd.

לוגו גלובל פאואר

Yoav Sarne

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 לוגו Euler Hermes
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The natural gas revolution

Thanks to Israeli natural gas, IPM Be’er Tuvia is proud to generate cheaper, and even more environmentally-friendly electricity and contribute to ending the age of coal pollution.

תמונת בניין IPM בבאר טוביה
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