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כניסה לתחנת הכוח IPM באר טוביה


The station is one of the most efficient in the world, thanks to the unique single-shaft combined-cycle technology. The station uses Israeli natural gas to generate 451 MW of electricity, reaching 3.5 TWh annually (approximately 5% of Israel’s annual electricity consumption).

תחנת הכוח IPM באר טוביה - מבט מבפנים

Reliability and energy stability

With an eye to the long term, and in order to achieve maximum stability and reliability for our customers, IPM Be’er Tuvia has chosen Siemens Energy, the world’s leading energy company, to build and operate the station.

Siemens Energy has a history of over 150 years of experience with technology, and has more than 25 years of proven experience and more than 350 4000F gas turbine units. These turbines have very high availability ratings - approximately 95%, equating to more than 8,300 generation hours per year.

תחנת הכוח IPM באר טוביה

Cleaner air

The station uses Israeli natural gas and replaces the polluting fuels currently used to generate electricity, while exploiting excess heat from the gas turbine to generate steam, in a process that helps reduce polluting emissions.

תחנת הכוח IPM באר טוביה

Full availability in emergencies

The power station is authorized to use diesel oil to continue to supply essential electricity 24/7 to consumers during emergencies.

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